Stijn Wijsman


Hey blog-readers. My name is Stijn Wijsman, I am an 18-year-old first year International Business Administration student at Tilburg University. Up to last year I lived in a small village near Rotterdam, but since September 2016 I live in Tilburg together with 4 friends from high school, I like the city and university a lot! My hobbies are playing & watching football, travelling and hanging out with friends. I’m pleased to be this year’s Chairman of the committee behind Go-Business! Nice to meet you, ciao!   

Sjoerd Kempe


Hi guys! My name is Sjoerd and I am 20 years old. I am currently in my second year of International Business Administration at Tilburg University. I am from the Netherlands, so I am still close to home. I love to travel and I would like to see as much of the world as I possibly can. My other spare time activities are football and just hanging out with friends. I am going to try to get some interesting companies to give our readers an insight into the world of business. Hope you guys will enjoy our articles!

 Koen Salet


Hello everybody! My name is Koen Salet and I’m 19 years old. Currently I am in the second year of Bedrijfseconomie at Tilburg University. In my free time you can often find me with my friends. I’ve been playing volleyball for a really long time now and I still enjoy it very much. I’m living in a small town right now but I’m planning to move to Tilburg as soon as possible. I haven’t got much experience writing formal articles so it will be a challenge for me. I hope that I can enjoy you and maybe learn you something as well. Have fun reading the blog!

Kris Hulsen


Hi! My name is Kris Hulsen, I am 19 years old and I am a second year Bedrijfseconomie student at Tilburg University. I am very passionate about online shopping and binge-watching shows on Netflix, and in my free time I like meeting up with my friends to have some drinks and gossip. I also love travelling when I have the time. In primary school I used to write pretty inspiring articles for our school paper, so I hope some of that experience has stayed around. I hope you enjoy our blog! Bye 🙂

 Stephan Krijger


Hey all. My name is Stephan Krijger and I’m 18 years old. Currently I’m in my first year of International Business Administration at Tilburg University. I was born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands. Because I wanted to do something besides my study, and always had an interest in writing articles, I decided to join the blog committee at Asset IB&M. In my leisure time I enjoy playing football. I’m also a big fan of the best club in the Netherlands, PSV Eindhoven. Other interests of mine are music, politics and formula 1. I hope that you will enjoy reading the articles on this blog!

Tymon Wiertsema


Hey blog readers! My name is Tymon Wiertsema, I’m 19 years old and doing my first year of International Business Administration at Tilburg University. In my spare time I’m usually busy with my own company, my own blog, watching movies and series or with this blog! During holidays, I love to travel, my current favourite holiday destination is New-Zealand! Most people will know me as a car-nut, my passion for cars ‘drives’ me to do my utter best for my study, so that in a later stage of my life I will be able to make at least some of my (automotive dreams) come true. I hope I can provide you guys with some interesting articles!

Ron Lether


Hi, my name is Ron Lether, I am 18 years old and I’m a first-year bachelor IBA student. I grew up in a small town near Rotterdam and moved, together with Stijn and 3 other friends, to Tilburg. Up to last year, I played soccer, at the moment I go to the gym sometimes. I’ll be the secretary of the committee behind go-business this year.

Manon Rietjens


Hi everyone! My name is Manon and I’m the coordinator of the Blog Committee of Asset | IB&M. This is because I am currently the secretary of the board. I have just finished my bachelor in International Business Administration, during which I went on exchange to Argentina! During and after my exchange I travelled through South America as well, which made me eager to see the rest of the world! After my board year I will start my Master and probably go travelling for a while. But for now, I enjoy helping the committee with writing and posting some awesome blog articles!


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