My board year as the secretary of Asset | IB&M

My board year as the secretary of Asset | IB&M

During my time as a secretary of the board of Asset| International Business & Management, I have learned many things and have experienced great things. In this article I will elaborate on my experiences and general tasks.

My name is Eline van de Ven, I am 22 years old and will hopefully finish my bachelor International Business Administration after I pass the Mathematics 2 course in June. After that I will probably pursue a master in Marketing Management, but I still have to make my decision. In my first year of IBA I became active at Asset  | IB&M by joining the Combi Symposium Committee, which organized a symposium together with Asset | Economics. After that I became vice chairman of the International Travel Committee, which I enjoyed a lot. We organized a successful trip through Tokyo and Seoul, which included company visits and cultural experiences. After my exchange at City University Hong Kong I joined the Lustrum Committee. When I became a board member I also took over the coordination of the lustrum committee and stayed chef of the gala and dinner.Board-4058

After my third year I still had three courses left. These were divided over both the first and second semester. Therefore I started looking for something I could do next to these courses. Since I was a member for so long I knew what the tasks of a board member were, and what the atmosphere at IB&M felt like. Moreover, I of course knew what value a board year would add to my Curriculum Vitae. Therefore I applied for a board year and I am still very glad that I decided to join the board!

My tasks during my board year
The tasks of a secretary are not as simple and boring as many people think. Of course I have to write minutes during all meetings that I attend, and I have to take care of incoming mail. Next to my standard tasks, I have a lot of freedom to be creative, to coordinate extra committees, and to be in charge of the website. After a while I learned so much about webdesign that I also created our very own Lustrum Website, which turned out to help alumni find the information they needed. Asset General is currently also in the process of creating a new website. To do this we have created a faculty wide task force in which board members of all departments are taking part. 

Next to the tasks I have at Asset | IB&M, I also represent our department in the weekly meeting with all faculty wide secretaries. In these meetings the member database is discussed, and the monthly mail that goes to all members as well.

The Lustrum has been an enormous part of my board year, since I had to take a lot of responsibilities. It turned out great and has thought me to take chances, and to cope with unexpected problems.

During the promotion periods of, for example, Asset In-house days and the EBT, all board members also have to help. Next to that, we are present at all our own events and we help the committees we coordinate wherever they need. The fact that we have both informal and formal committees make for a good balance. As mentioned before I coordinate quite a lot of committees, which is also the reason why my week is mostly filled with committee meetings.

My experiences
During a board year there are many things that you’ll learn. What I like most is the diversity of committees and the way they work together. All committees are different and need different kinds of guidance. Some need more motivation or coordination than others. This, next to working with my fellow board members full time, teaches me how to work in teams, and formulating my opinion in the right way. I am sure that my board year will help me with my future career. It does not only teach you how to coordinate, but also shows you how you can orientate and get into contact with companies and recruiters.

I really feel like my board year has added something to my personal development. If you want to know more about a board year at Asset | International Business and Management, you can always contact me via, or drop by room E1.14 to have a personal talk!

The board of Asset | IB&M

The board of Asset | IB&M

Asset | International Business & Management is a study organisation of the economic faculty at Tilburg University. The board of Asset | International Business & Management is responsible for the daily functioning of the organization.
The board of Asset | IB&M

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