The Chairman of Asset IB&M – my experiences

The Chairman of Asset IB&M – my experiences


It is my honor to be the chairman of Asset | International Business & Management, as I have learned a lot these past months and it has proven to be the perfect step in the direction of my future plans!


My name is Bart van der Lee. With 23 years old I am the oldest member of our board. In June 2016, I graduated cum laude from the bachelor International Business Administration and a year later I graduated from the master Supply Chain Management. During my bachelor studies, I went on exchange to Hong Kong where I was the roommate of my predecessor Timo. From September onwards, I will merge myself in the so-called ‘burgerleven’, start working and leave the student life behind me.

I started out as chairman of the IB&More committee in my first two years at Asset | International Business & Management. Then after exchange, I joined I*ESN for a year where I was part of the buddy system for all international students that are in the Netherlands for their full bachelor studies. The second half I was one of the barmanagers responsible for running the bar committee and managing the parties. After my time at I*ESN, I focused on graduating from my master’s studies after which I became chairman of Asset | International Business & Management.

Asset | International Business & Management as a company

Doing a board year at Asset | International Business & Management basically means the following: you are part of the board of a company that has 150+ members or employees that work in 27 different committees or teams. As the board of this company, you need to provide both guidance and support, control the budget, plan all events that the members organize and finally involve each and every member into the informal and close culture of Asset | International Business & Management. The chairman in this story can be seen as the CEO of the board with all corresponding tasks and responsibilities. Similar to the managers in a company, we as a board are dependent on the motivation and work of our members when it comes to successfully organizing events and executing our policy. That is why we organize social activities, as well as trainings and events, to give our members a great time and boost their personal development.

Being CEO of this company

Usually no one knows exactly what I or my predecessors actually did throughout the year,  since the chairmen are either not at Asset or working. To elaborate further: I work half of my time within the board of Asset | International Business & Management and the other half of my time, I work within the General Board, or the umbrella organization, of study association Asset. Within Asset | International Business & Management, I am responsible for chairing all meetings and the Department Members Meeting, retaining good relationships with the University and, especially, the Academic Directors Jeroen Kuilman of the MSc. International Management and Vincent Wiegerinck of BSc. International Business Administration, Finally, I have to keep an overview of everything that happens within the board and committees.

In the General Board you on the one hand function as the board of a large holding preserving the interests of the umbrella association. Additionally, you also represent Asset | International Business & Management in discussions with the other departments which leads to a dynamic environment in which you have to carefully think about whether you approach different discussions from either a general board member position or from Asset | International Business & Management. Finally, you also have a portfolio within the General Board. Mine is called the Events Portfolio which means that I am responsible for the alumni contact, the coordination of the Food For Thought Committee, the contact and involvement within the EBT board and finally the coordination, in combination with the EBT, of the Business Night committee which is the grand opening of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg. As you can read, my daily tasks are dynamic and diverse and focus on being the manager of different project teams.

What I have learned at Asset | International Business & Management

Being a board member provides you with a load of experience and tons of fun all packed within a dynamic year. Being chairman provides you with valuable management skills and other soft skills required to run a small company. It is important to keep an overview of all different tasks related to your function and also the tasks of your fellow members to ensure continuity in the board, the different board functions and the committees.

I hope I have provided you with some more insight into what I do as the chairman of Asset | International Business & Management. If you want more information, contact me at

The board of Asset | IB&M

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