IBA Internship Interview

IBA Internship Interview

During my internship at Heineken I was able to evolve both my work experience as well as myself. I expected to learn what it is like working a job with colleagues, standardized times and responsibilities as well as discovering what it is like working in the finance branch. The latter gave me a great insight what to expect from the finance master.

I had two main tasks during my internship. The first task was activating assets, meaning that I had to administrate them correctly. I had to allocate them either to the balance sheet or the income statement. The second task was reviewing investments that had been done in the past such as new machines or new product introductions. I was able to review these investments based on all four IBA pillars; finance, accounting, marketing, and management. I was given a lot of freedom and responsibility to carry out these tasks.

This internship allowed me to experience a company’s work environment as well as experience how I am able to put my IBA into practice. Next to this, I think that it has been a great enrichment to my curriculum vitae along with my professional attitude.

Therefore, I think that offering an internship in combination with a minor is an excellent idea and I strongly recommend students to take this opportunity.

Georgeena Regan

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