Elections coming up: IBA Students within University Politics #2

Elections coming up: IBA Students within University Politics #2

The University elections are coming up! On April 21, 22 and 23, you can vote for who you would like to see as your representative in the University Council and Faculty Council.
The University council decides on projects concerning the entire university, such as study places or international student housing.
The Faculty Council is working on the level of TiSEM. They can discuss faculty specific subjects like quality of education and career orientation.

In this article, you can read what drives Michelle Engelen, #3 on the list of Student Party ECCO, to participate in the elections for the Faculty Council.

My name is Michelle Engelen and I am currently in my final semester of IBA. About a month ago, I was elected by ECCO to become a member of the 2020-2021 board. For the ones who are unfamiliar with ECCO: ECCO is a student party that represents all students of TiSEM in its faculty council. Our areas of focus are career development, quality of education, and student welfare. 

During my first and second year, I have noticed that many students, including myself, have many thoughts about how to improve the courses, content, teaching, etc. of our programs. I believe that we, as students, can provide valuable feedback and ideas to our academic directors and the faculty TiSEM to increase our student experience at Tilburg University. For this reason, I have joined the Sounding Board from year 1, and I have been a member of the Education Committee in my second year. During the sounding board meetings I really noticed that everyone and every critique, opinion or idea is taken seriously by the academic director. You could tell that she is continuously trying to improve the program, and in this way trying to improve our student time at Tilburg University. The impact that students could make motivated me to join the Education Committee in my second year of IBA. The Education Committee provides (un)solicited advice on, amongst others, the quality of education to the Academic directors and the Vice-Dean Education. I am truly convinced that it is important to get students involved in the decision-making at all levels of the university because we might view or experience things differently. 

“I really noticed that everyone and every critique, opinion or idea is taken seriously by the academic director”

Again, I noticed the value of students at university boards and that is why I decided to take the next step, which was applying for a board year at ECCO. Hopefully, I can give a voice to all TiSEM students, including (and importantly) international students, via this position. I aspire to increase or improve the opportunities TiSEM offers to prepare you for the real deal, namely your future job. Besides, I want to focus on improving the internationalization of our programs, as I think it is important for both Dutch students and international students to get (the best) international experience possible. 

If you have any suggestions or points to put forward regarding the faculty, please send me a message via email, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The elections will take place from April 21st– 23rd this year, so vote to be represented!

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