Master student interview: International Management

Master student interview: International Management

What it is like to be an International Management Masters Student… 

My name is Charlie Mhaitang. I am 24 years old. Born in Thailand, raised in the Netherlands. I am a master’s student studying “International Management” at Tilburg University. 

In my professional career, I want to help firms expand their businesses to foreign countries. So, I chose this master for that purpose. Furthermore, I also like the fact that the coursework offers a variety of subjects from different fields such as finance and marketing. It is important for a manager to be able to think strategically on all divisions of a company.

“I like the fact that the coursework offers a variety of subjects from different fields such as finance and marketing”

The class size of the program is small, consisting of about 60 students. Which I find very pleasant as I can interact with my classmates and lecturers more easily. What had also led me to choose this program was that both the master and university are highly ranked in prominent ranking lists such as Times Higher Education and the Financial Times.

The program offers courses that teach the “why, how, and where” firms internationalize, along with other important management subjects such as international finance and international marketing. Next to those core subjects, there are also courses such as consulting skills and corporate social responsibility. The International Management course is the one I find the most interesting. It is theory-heavy, though the lecturer often discusses examples of real-world cases, making it easy to make the connection to practice. There is also a practical assignment for which we had to make an import or export plan for an existing company. And for next year, the lecturer is planning to add simulations to the course as well. Another subject I like is International Finance, which gave me a totally new perspective on how to manage financial risk internationally. It is a quantitative course for the greater part, which is also why I like it.

The main difference of this master to my bachelor “International Business Administration”, is that the subjects go more in-depth. I now study somewhat the same subjects, but the content is narrower.

Next semester I will start writing my thesis. The program allows you to choose from a wide range of topics. My thesis topic will most likely be about motivations on why firms internationalise. I expect it to be quite challenging, though very rewarding as you will become proficient in a topic that you really like and may come across in your future career.

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