Master Student Interview: Strategic Management (Entrepreneurship)

Master Student Interview: Strategic Management (Entrepreneurship)

My name is Britt and I am currently following the Strategic Management master. I started my master in February, which means I am following the Entrepreneurship track. Besides my study, I work as a student assistant for the Academic Director of MSc Strategic Management. Last year, I also became an active member at Asset | Strategy & Logistics, where I organised the Consultancy Days together with Asset | IB&M. Currently, I am doing a full-time board year at Asset | Strategy & Logistics, so have paused my study. But I will continue my master in September and at this time I will start working on my thesis. 

As I already said before, I am doing the entrepreneurship track of the MSc of Strategic Management. I chose this master because I wanted to get an insight into the current challenges that businesses are facing, such as new innovations or new competitors entering the market. In the master, you learn how to make strategic decisions that determine the long term vision of a company. Often these are decisions that are made by the management team within a company, and it is great to get insight into how these decisions should be made. It also teaches you how to use data in an appropriate way to support these decisions. 

The Entrepreneurship track specializes in entrepreneurial behavior in large firms and the creation of new business. I am not particularly interested in starting my own business, however I really like the idea of being an “intrapreneur”, which is an entrepreneur within a large company. I like to come up with creative ideas and be innovative, and this track specifically focusses on how to also achieve this in large businesses. If you start this MSc in September you will follow the consultancy track, which only differs with the entrepreneurship track on two courses: Strategic Consultancy and Strategy Analytics. 

The courses I get during this Master are sustainable entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, strategy implementation, international management, business-level strategy, corporate-level strategy and research skills. Corporate entrepreneurship is my favourite course because it specifically focusses on innovation within large companies. I also like the course sustainable entrepreneurship since this is a very “hot topic” right now, and I think it is of added value to have some background information about it. 

I am not particularly interested in starting my own business, however I really like the idea of being an “intrapreneur”, which is an entrepreneur within a large company

I followed a bachelor at the university of applied science, International Business. The main difference between my bachelor and my master is that my bachelor was a lot more practical. However, in the master, there still are many group assignments that you have to work on, which still makes it quite a practical master program in my opinion. We also have a lot of discussions about the articles, which I didn’t really have in my bachelor. You will have to do a lot of reading and most of these are articles. We don’t use any books in the master. 

As I mentioned before I have not yet started working on my thesis but I plan to do it at the university instead of writing it at a company. The reason for this is that I want to do a quantitative thesis, so I can just use data from the databases at the university. I have thought about doing my thesis at a company as well, but most of the time you will do a qualitative thesis in this case, which mostly focuses on interviews etc. 

I also have the feeling that most MSc Strategic Management students do their thesis at the university since it is often quite difficult to do a thesis at a company about a subject that covers a scientific strategic problem. Also, it can be difficult to mediate between the university and the company, as companies often want practical solutions, but for the university you have to focus on scientific problems. So, in my opinion, it will be easier to just use the data from the university. 

I hope I gave you an idea what the entrepreneurship track of Strategic Management is like and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me! 

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