Exchange experience Finland during COVID-19

Exchange experience Finland during COVID-19

Laurens van Hest on his exchange to Turku, Finland 2020 Fall semester.

What, you actually are on exchange?”

This question has been asked to me so many times the last few weeks that I have lost count at this point, however, it did make me realize just how special it is that I am having a wonderful time abroad. After having a quick chat with some university staff it became clear that only 3 out of all the 3rd year IBA students are on exchange, one of which is me, spending 5 months here in Turku, Finland.

“only 3 out of all the 3rd year IBA students are on exchange”

To be honest, it is really quite something strange being here, especially since there is hardly any impact of the Covid-crisis visible in daily life. Apart from following online classes with only a few assignments on campus, life just feels normal without any worries here.

Living in a house with 30 others that have the same urge to have the best time of their lives really makes the experience something special, after only 2 weeks here, the group was already so close that we made trips to Helsinki and Tallinn, we went on a cottage weekend in the amazing archipelago outside the Turku coast, and the highlight of our year, a 7-day trip to Lapland in December has just been booked. Currently I am finishing all my first period courses and scouting ones for the next few weeks.

All in all, it’s an experience I’d never want to miss, which might come as a surprise to those who know me a bit better and know that I always said I wouldn’t go. Well hey, times change, for the better in this case.

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