8 useful personality traits in order to become successful


The most well-known successful business people are the ones who started a business, such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. In order to start a business you need to be creative, since you have to think of something new that will also attract people. Furthermore, in a company, creativity is also really important for the continuous improvements of a company, there has to room for ‘new things’. If this is not allowed by a CEO, or the owner of a start-up, it is doomed to go wrong.


This is a very important character trait, people (customers, people working for your, colleagues, your boss,  investors) need to have trust in you. You can gain this trust by getting to work on time, finishing the tasks being given to you in a team assignment. Besides the fact that people can take your word for it if you say something, dependability is also related to flexibility. You want people to know that you’re not just there to do the same thing every time, but that you can also be asked to something out of your job description, perhaps a favour.


One should not want to be known as the ‘queen with a heart of ice’, not at home, but also not in your working environment. If people tend to like you, they will have no problem with doing a favour for you, whereas if they do not like you, it is a safe thing to say that you can do the ‘favour’ yourself. In order to be seen as compassionate, you should not only just be nice and open, but you should also be willing to help out other people.


Enthusiasm is essential in order to become successful, because enthusiasm is kind of contagious. If you are very enthusiastic, the people around you will have a chance of becoming enthusiastic as well! This might be beneficial in job applications, or in conversations with potential investors. If you can make them enthusiastic about your or about your idea, chances are that they will give it a try!


Successful business people do not easily give up, especially people who would like to become wealthy by creating their own company, because it is hardly ever a ‘hole-in-one’. Most of the time, your first company will not be successful, maybe your second company will not be successful either, but you will learn a lot from the experience, so you know what to improve in the future. The most important to learn from this: never give up.


Persistence has a lot to do with motivation. As said before, there’s a big chance you won’t get everything you wished for in the first instance, so you will have to be motivated enough in order to try it a second, third, fourth and so on time. If you are motivated enough, eventually you will achieve what you were hoping for. Motivation also has a lot to do with enthusiasm, if you’re motivated about what you are doing or what you are going to do; you will automatically become enthusiastic! So besides the fact that motivation heavily influences your way of doing things, it will also influence the people around you!


This does not count for just business people, but for everyone; ‘Confidence is key’. If you are not convinced of how good you can be at a job, or if your company will eventually work out, it is more likely to end up badly with either of them. You should be able to sell you, or your company to yourself before you are trying to convince anyone else. If you are totally convinced of your own ideas, it will make it a lot easier to convince someone else.


The danger with having a lot of confidence is that might get cocky and act like you know best, about everything. A successful businessman/businesswoman should always be curious and open to learn from other people. Someone in your environment might just provide you with some knowledge or information which you knew nothing about, but which could be useful to you.







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