A better LinkedIn for students: Magnet.me is the new kid in town.

A better LinkedIn for students: Magnet.me is the new kid in town.

If you would randomly ask 10 students at a large university if they know about LinkedIn, at least 8 out of 10 would answer yes. However if you ask them about Magnet.me, that number would be much lower. Still, Magnet.me is the one of the best ways for students to get in touch with companies.

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So, what is magnet.me? Three students founded Magnet.me in 2012 and where the service has some similarities with big brother LinkedIn, it also has some key differences.  When you sign up for Magnet.me you also have to make a profile where you list your contact details, experience, education, interests, etc. After you have made you profile things start to take a different direction. You also have to list your employment field and in what sectors you would like to work. A combination would be the field of marketing in the sectors FMCG, technology and consultancy. Based on these interests and your profile, companies send automatic you invitations to join their network. Once in their network, companies actively scan the profiles in search for good candidates. If you are attractive to the company, they will send you invitations for internships, traineeships or business courses. The site is free for students, so Magnet.me makes money from companies wanting to use their user base.

The main difference with LinkedIn is in the use of the network. Where LinkedIn is big, sometimes hard to effectively use and based on existing networks, Magnet.me is more focussed on the profile. The profile makes the automatic matches between companies and students. Once the student accepts a network request, it also automatically indicates he or she is interested in the company. Because it was built with students in mind, companies can create “ideal profiles” for their functions. Magnet.me will search for those profiles. This makes it easy on both sides. Students automatically get requests from companies and companies automatically get the students they are looking for.

Magnet.me homepage
The homepage of Magnet.me

Another great feature is the news feed, in which you will automatically see al the events of companies that are in your network.  Together with a subscription deadline and a quick and easy application box, you can apply for the event straight from the website.

One of the other ideals of Magnet.me is to make it easier for companies with lesser recruitment budgets to attract good students. Huge MNO’s like Unilever and Procter&Gamble will always find students but smaller organizations usually struggle to attract top talent. Magnet.me offers the same services and the same fee to all companies, making it an affordable for smaller companies. The benefit for students is that those smaller companies might offer the perfect job for a student that he or she otherwise would never have known about.

To conclude: Magnet.me might not be the corporate recruitment powerhouse which LinkedIn is, but it is great addition for students wanting to make sure they find the starting position of choice.


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