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IBA Alumni Interview

IBA Alumni Interview

As a consultant for Capgemini Invent for over two years now, looking back on my student life brings back fun memories. I started IBA in 2011 and was extremely active in terms of doing committees. Eventually I did a board year at Asset, where I […]



Being the External Affairs Officer of Asset | International Business & Management, what does that mean? Besides your main task, keeping in contact with companies, there are many other tasks you have to fulfill. But let’s not skip ahead, and start from the beginning.  My […]




First, let me introduce myself! My name is Wesley Romijn and I am currently 21 years of age. Before I moved to Tilburg for my Bachelor IBA, I lived in a small village called Raamsdonksveer. I started studying here at Tilburg University in September 2016, however I only started doing a committee in my second year at Tilburg University. My first committee at IB&M was the IBA committee. We had an amazing group of people in this committee and I immediately felt at home at our association. I joined the IBA Week committee in my second year at IB&M. In this committee I really developed myself in a formal way. 

After this, I decided I wanted to contribute even more to IB&M to make the association even better and to make sure other members also feel at home here, so I decided to apply for a board year! Fast forward to now, I am the Vice-Chairman of the board for 10 months. In this blog article, I would like to share my experiences of my board year!

Tasks of a Vice-Chairman

So, what do you do during your board year and why did you choose for this function?  

Let me explain! As the Vice-Chairman of the board of Asset IB&M you are responsible for a whole lot of different tasks. The most important one is the active member policy. As the Vice, you are responsible for the recruitment of our members. With our big amount of committees, you want to have a great diversity of people to get the most out of the committee and each other. You will have talks with new/current active members to decide in which group they fit the best. Making the division of the committees is a really nice challenge from which you learn a lot! The best thing about the active member policy is seeing members having a nice time and really developing  themselves within our association. 

Next to the active member policy, the vice is also responsible for making the entire year planning of the association.  With 100+ events every year, it is quite challenging to make a perfect year planning since you already make it in February for the next academic year. However I really improved my planning skills while making the year planning., since you had to keep the planning of other departments and the university in mind while making choices for your own planning. 

 One of the tasks I liked the most during my board year was being responsible for the promotion of the entire association.  I had a lot of opportunities to give my creative touch to our promotion channels. At the beginning of my board year I made a “social media plan” to improve our social media presence. It is great to see some of these ideas work in real life.  Next to that, I massively improved my designing skills which was fun to do and can be of added value later on in your career.

You also have the freedom to choose your own projects within the board, for example being responsible for the exchange project, socials or internationalization. In the second semester of the board year I was primarily responsible for the internationalization of our association. Together with my committee, I am currently busy to bring our international buddy program to an even higher level. The goal of this program is to help the international students to better integrate within their new environment. 

Lastly, you are also the representative of IB&M within the faculty wide organ “Asset Academy”. In this organ you are busy with organizing events for Asset General like the COdE and the TOP Week. Next to that you are also making promotional content for Asset General.  Within AA you also have a lot of freedom for you own project. For example, this year I really put effort to organize the Asset Thirsty Thursdays together with the other vices and the Polly., hopefully this will stay a great success even way after my board year.

Board year at IB&M in general

Why did you actually decide to do a board year? 

This is a question that I got asked a lot over the past 10 months, especially since they don’t really understand what a study association does back home. I can say one thing for sure, joining the board of Asset | IB&M has been one of the best choices of my life so far. You will develop yourself in a lot of different ways. I really developed myself formally. For example, I got way better in leading groups, discussions and setting up projects. Doing a board year is also a good way to explore different aspects of businesses, in this way I can now orientate myself better on which master I want to follow in the next academic year. Coordinating various committees of IB&M was also really valuable. I found it really important that there was a good atmosphere within my committees so in the end we can get the best results possible! Lastly, it is amazing to work together with five other motivated board members for a year. You work towards a lot of projects and activities together as one team and it is a great feeling if these turn out to be successful. 

I already want to thank everyone that helped to make this year special for me! Specifically the other boardies of IB&M and of course all active members. I really had a great time and I hope my last couple of months will be as good as the first 10! If you have any other questions or just want to have a cup of coffee with me? Don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find more information about how to apply for a board year on our website.



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‘Michel, what is it even that you are doing over there at that student association?’ Other than mistaking a student association for a study association, it is a question my parents have asked in the past, but after several times of explaining still didn’t grasp what exactly I spend around 50 hours per week of my life on. To my parents, but also to those that are interested: allow me to elaborate.


To give you an idea of who I am, I will start off with a minor introduction. My name is Michel van Ham, and I have been the External Affairs Officer of Asset | International Business & Management since September 2018. I was born in the beautiful capital of Noord-Brabant: ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I currently am 22 years old (my birthday was yesterday!), and have been at this university for the past 4 years. I started studying International Business Administration in 2015, and still am at the moment. I didn’t pass all my courses in three years, so I am finishing the final two this semester, which means that I will finish my board year and my bachelor at the same time. Next year, I will, in all likeliness, start the Master program Supply Chain Management at this university.


Before joining Asset IB&M, I joined T.S.R. Vidar in September 2015, after which I also joined a fraternity called Superior In Noctem (S.I.N.). After (uninvitedly) joining a couple of Monthly Drinks before becoming active, I decided to finally become active at Asset IB&M in January 2016, where I was placed in the Yearbook committee. During my second year, I joined the IBA committee, and in my third year, after going on exchange to Athens for half a year, I became part of the Consultancy Days committee. Unfortunately, it was impossible to combine my tasks within this committee and my tasks as an External Affairs Officer, which resulted in a premature end of my role within the Consultancy Days, so I could focus all my efforts on being an External Affairs Officer.


‘So why do you want to do a board year?’ Another question that not just my parents,but a lot of other people asked as wellAs you could maybe imagine, I was a very committed member of Asset IB&M by doing these previous committees. Throughout these years, I met an increasing amount of wonderful people within the association, and in the end I was convinced that I want to be a board member of this group. Our active members base has always been my main driving force to spend a year on doing a board year. Furthermore, I already knew that I had to study IBA at least another half a year longer due to a course I didn’t pass, and doing courses during a board year would ensure that would not waste this period in which I would otherwise only have one course.


Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 16.06.17

And why External Affairs Officer?’ During my time in the Consultancy Days, I found out that I liked doing acquisition and calling companies. To me, it was always interesting to see where the interests of both parties lie, and then coming to a consensus that works for both. I felt that I would want to improve in this regard, and becoming the new External Affairs Officer would be the perfect opportunity for this. I personally also liked the professional aspect of meeting with recruiters for a potential partnership with our association. This was especially interesting to me, since at the start of my board year I did not know what I wanted to study afterwards. These visits gave me an insight in what it is like to work at that companies and what possibilities exist; often recruiters would talk extensively about their company and give us a small tour through their office. It gave me the opportunity to see how companies within a certain business or industry operate, and weigh that in my considerations for my future study. Apart from the acquisition that I myself did for the association, a large part of being an external was coordinating the acquisition process of all formal committees, and attempt to streamline it as best as possible. Tasks regarding this would be to assist members when calling or checking whether the set deadlines will be met. Being an External Affairs Officer is also a nice way to expand your network, since you speak to a lot of different recruiters from a large variety of companies. This can be very helpful when looking for a job or internship later on.


‘What did you learn during your board year?’ I found out that I highly value a professional way of working of myself, but also my colleagues or committee members, and in that regard I have improved myself significantly as well. Organizing big events and the networking afterwards are two aspects that I have also improved throughout the year, with the IBA Week being the main example for this. Finally, leading and coordinating people (within committees) is a thing I turned out to really like too. Trying to get all noses in the same direction to achieve a common goal can be challenging, but that also makes it interesting and fun.


How my week could look like:

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 15.52.55


To conclude, soon my successor will be announced, which will mark the beginning of the end of my board year. I look back at a very exciting and successful year, which could not have been achieved without the help of my fellow board members and all active members at Asset IB&M. For this, I want to thank everyone that contributed to making this year at Asset IB&M an experience to remember


If you would like to hear more about my function or more experiences, feel free to text me and we can go for a quick cup of coffee. I will be happy to answer your questions!

Are you interested in doing a board year? There is more information about my function on our website, where you will also find how to apply: 



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Vice-Chairman of the board: My experiences

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External Affairs Officer of the Board: My experiences

External Affairs Officer of the Board: My experiences

Hi everyone,

My name is Michael van den Eijnden and for the past 10 months, I have been the External Affairs Officer of the Board of Asset | International Business & Management. Even though this means that my board year is (unfortunately already) slowly coming to an end, I’m really glad that I have learned so much during my board year. In this article, I will tell a bit about myself, my experiences as a board member, give an example of how a week could look like as the External Affairs Officer and the key things that I learned.

About meIMGL4255

I was born and raised in the beautiful town called Geldrop, and I am at the time of writing this 19 years old. I have been studying at the University of Tilburg since the academic year 2016-2017, but due to my board year I decided to pause my studies for a year as being a board member at Asset IB&M is a full-time position. Therefore, I am a second year International Business Administration student. I have been an active member at Asset IB&M since my first year, in which I joined the First Year committee, the Lustrum Committee, and the Promotion Committee. As you can see from the number of committees I joined I really liked being active at Asset IB&M as there is so much to learn with a study association.

Why a board year?

Whenever people hear that I am a second year IBA student they always ask why I decided to do a board year already instead of after obtaining my bachelor. After I joined Asset IB&M in my first year, I already knew that at some point in the future would like to do a board year. First of all, doing a board year gives you first-hand experience what it is like to run a small company. We have around 150 active members which are all divided amongst our committees, and every committee has to be coordinated by a board member. Next to that, we have our board meetings on Monday morning in which we discuss everything that is going on in our association and discuss important decisions that we have to make for our association. Secondly, I wanted to learn how to communicate more professionally and, as I had no idea what I want to study, get in touch with companies from all four pillars of IBA in order to figure out what master I would like to pursue after obtaining my bachelor. The reason why I also chose to do my board year before I went on Exchange is that, as I am still quite young I wanted to be a bit older and grown up before going abroad for half a year. Also, this meant that I can apply in the first selection round of the Exchange program of Tilburg University, which gives me a higher chance of being selected for my preferred University. Therefore, I decided to apply in November 2017 to become the new External Affairs Officer of Asset IB&M.

Why External Affairs Officer?

As I wanted to learn how to communicate more professionally and learn what field of study suits me best, I decided that becoming the new External Affairs Officer was would give me the best opportunity to figure this out. As an External, you are responsible for handling the company contacts of the association, as well as trying to acquire new partnerships with companies. This gave me the perfect opportunity to speak to a lot of recruiters and meeting them in their offices, which required me to become more professional in my communication and attitude. By meeting the recruiters to talk about a possible partnership at their offices I was able to see what it is like to work at those companies, as the recruiters were almost always willing to talk about their company and give a quick tour around the office. Therefore, it was really valuable for choosing which field of study I would like to pursue. Another perk of being an External is growing your professional network, which could prove useful whenever I am going to start looking for a job.

What a week as External could look like

Week of an External

Key things that I have learned/improved

  • Communicating formally
  • Networking
  • Coordinating and motivating people
  • Leading
  • Organize big events

As it is almost time to pass on my function to another person, I already want to thank my fellow board members and all our active members for the great experiences this year, and all the great parties we attended together and making my board year legendary. I have truly enjoyed my time as a board member of Asset IB&M, and luckily it is not over yet!

If you have any questions about being an External Affairs Officer, or about being a board member in general, do not hesitate to contact me or come by our rooms! I will gladly answer your questions, and tell you many more stories as this article would be even longer if I wrote everything down. On our website, you can find more information about how to apply for a board year. 

See you around!

Michael van den Eijnden

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My board year as External Affairs Officer at Asset IB&M!

My board year as External Affairs Officer at Asset IB&M!

Hi everyone!

Time really flies when you are having fun, because it is already time to start looking for the external affairs officer of 2018 – 2019, which (unfortunately) means that my board year is slowly coming to an end. Luckily, I can already look back at some great experiences and fun moments, which I am happy to tell you about in this blog!

Who am I?

For the people that do not know me yet: my name is Daphne Roovers, I am 21 years old and I graduated from the bachelor International Business Administration last year June. In my third year, I went on exchange to Hongkong which was really the highlight of my studies!

Moreover, I have always been quite active besides my study: In my first year (2014-2015, I am an oldie), I joined the First Year Committee at Asset|IB&M. After doing a faculty wide committee in my second year, I wanted to do a big committee in my last year, which turned out to be the Consultancy Days, was the first time I got in touch with doing acquisition. Even though starting to call remains difficult, I really enjoyed it.

Being an External Affairs Officer

When I was in the last semester of IBA, I already knew that I was not go24068020_1205939676172937_1742628622922696181_ning to start my Master in the next year, as I was not sure yet which Master I wanted to do, and I did not want to rush that decision. After getting information about all the possibilities of doing a board year at all kinds of associations, and also applying for more boards, I decided in the end that a board year at IB&M fitted me best. I really like that you are in such close contact with your members. Moreover, as IBA and International Management are both quite broad study directions, it can be quite a challenge to get companies interested in your association, which I actually think is really interesting. And, lucky for me, after applying I got a phone call that I was selected as one of the two External Affairs Officers of 2017-2018!

I say one of the two, because in the board of Asset IB&M there are two externals, which are Michael van den Eijnden and I. Michael started in January and will stay until January 2019. Together, we are responsible for all the contact IB&M has with companies. This ranges from keeping in touch with our corporate partners, which are the companies that signed a contract with us in the summer, from doing ‘cold acquisition’. This means that we are also responsible for getting new partners for our association. For example, we ask companies if they want to promote their business courses to our students or we try to get companies interested in our events. This is really nice, as you are not only learning how to communicate with companies in a way that fits (which is not always as formal as you would think), but also getting to know recruiters, which might be convenient for your future. For me personally this is really beneficial, as I am not sure in which direction I want to follow my masters. By being an external, you get in touch with a lot of companies and career possibilities, which broadened my horizon.

In the summer, as an external, you are going to visit all your current and potential new partners in the summer rounds, which gives you the opportunity to see a lot of companies from the inside. This part of my board year is still coming up, which I am really excited about!

Lastly, we are the representatives of IB&M in the Acquisition Meeting of Asset General. This is the meeting were all the externals of all Asset departments come together once a week. This ‘organ’ within Asset is responsible for all acquisition and for the organization of events such as the Master Experience Days and the Asset Inhouse Days.

Other tasks

Next to my general function tasks I of course also have some other tasks that I am responsible for. I have been the coordinator of the IBA Week Committee, which organized a big 3-day event with 7 companies and 150 students attending, which was really cool. Moreover, I am responsible for the Finals Committee, which is a committee consisting of old board members of Asset IB&M. 3 times a year, they organize nice events for the alumni of our association, which is really nice as you can see where all these people ended up, and of course also just have a nice chat. Finally, this semester I took over the Exchange Committee and the Women Event Committee, which is taking place for the first time this year! In the beginning of each semester you, together with your board, divide all committees, so you can try to get the committees you like. However, if a committee requires acquisition to be done, an external is usually the coordinator of this committee, which is convenient as you can keep the overview more easily.

In your board year, every day will be different. However, I hope this overview below gives you somewhat of an insight of what my week looks like in general:



Board Meeting


Meeting with the IBA Week committee

Update email


Informal activity with IBA Week Committee



Cold acquisition with Michael


Meeting with Women Event Committee

Fill in evaluation forms IBA Week


Free evening



Board Training @ Ormit


Board Training


Dinner with the Finals Committee



Acquisition brainstorm and calling with Michael


Meeting with Exchange Committee

Preparing Acquisition Meeting (external meeting of Asset)

Acquisition Meeting


Cycling dinner + Monthly drink



Do small tasks, fill in board agenda


Prepare for cold acquisition next week


Travel to my parents

My experiences as a board member

I can honestly say that I have already learned a lot by being a board member. Not only did I learn how to communicate in a professional manner and how to best approach companies, which is of course related to my function, I also learned a lot about how to ‘lead’ a committee and how to motivate them. Moreover, working together with so many different people, but also the same 5 people all the time can be quite challenging. However this gives you a good opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and how you handle certain situations. Besides learning, a board year is of course also a lot of fun with parties, drinks, activities and trips with our 150 active members!

Did you become interested in my function or in doing a board year in general? Do not hesitate to contact me via, or drop by room E1.14!

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My board year as External Affairs Officer

My board year as External Affairs Officer

Hi there,

As most of you know will probably know by now, my name is Tom Greenhead and I have been part of the board of Asset | International Business & Management as External Affairs Officer since January. In this article, I would like to tell you what I do on a day-to-day basis, my ups and downs throughout the year, but mainly what I have learned over the last year. However, let me start by letting you know how I ended up in the board of our department.

During the second semester of my first year at university (2014-2015), I decided to become an active member at Asset | International Business & Management where I joined the European Travel Committee, which gave me my first experience calling companies as I was in charge of arranging several company and university visits. In my second year, I became the chairman of the Yearbook Committee, which was great fun and taught me to lead meetings. While I was on exchange in Montreal during the first semester of academic year 2015-2016, I decided I wanted to do something to boost my CV, and thus I decided to apply for a board year at our beautiful department, which was, looking back, one of the best choices I ever made.

As External Affairs Officer, I am, in cooperation with my fellow External Affairs Officer, responsible for all company contacts we have at Asset | International Business & Management. In general, this means that I am in charge of getting new companies in to join one or more of our events and to let them expose their possibilities to the students we are allowed to serve, which are the students of the bachelor International Business Administration and the master International Management. Furthermore, I am in charge of keeping all the ‘warm contacts’, which are companies our department has been in touch with before or had contracts with in previous years, satisfied and of course tied to Asset | International Business & Management. To do so, you actually visit most of these companies throughout the summer to go over the contracts our existing partners had and get them to sign a new one for the upcoming academic year, and to try to get new companies to sign contracts with us so they can present themselves and get the exposure they want under the students we serve. Visiting these companies, which mostly entail multinationals, has been a great experience and gave me the chance to meet many recruiters, which might just come in handy for my professional career.

Besides getting companies to sign contracts with us, there are several other tasks I performed throughout the year. First, you have to make sure you stick to all promises and commitments you make with your partners and perform all activities you both agreed on. You must keep in close contact with your partners and keep updated by them about, for example, interesting vacancies or business courses they offer. Also, when a company decided to add a lunch lecture in their contract, you will be the one that has to organize this event in cooperation with the respective company.

Moreover, as many committees contact companies, as External Affairs Officer, you have to keep an overview on all acquisition that committees do. This is crucial because, as Asset | International Business & Management, you should always strive to keeping company contacts as professional as possible. Therefore, you organize one External Meeting per semester, to give active members tips and tricks about acquisition, and you make sure that companies are not approached by more than 1 IB&M’er as you never want to confuse companies.

In addition to this, I have also coordinated several committees over the year. Preparation for meetings, performing tasks for these committees, and, in general, overseeing what the committee members do and trying to keep them happy and motivated, also costs time, but is great to do as this leads to close contact with our active members.

Looking back over the last year, which has flown by incredibly quickly, some things really stand out. First of all, I can say I have learned a lot from being a board member. At the start, I never knew what to tell people when they asked me what I was going to learn this year. Now, this has completely changed. Next to having gained a way more professional look on life, I can most definitely say I have learned how to network well, how to approach people who work at major companies, to organize events and keep close control on all developments, and to keep control over my tasks. In general, I can say that doing a board year really helped me to grow up even more and get a way better insight into what companies actually do and orientate on a way better level than I would have ever been able to do without my board year. Visiting so many great companies most definitely expanded my view on careers in general and on which master degree I would like to pursue next academic year.

Now it is almost time to pass on my function to someone else, I would already like to take this opportunity to thank (I know it is early) my fellow board members and all active members who have made this year unforgettable.

If you have any questions about the function of External Affairs Officer, or about anything else concerning anything else mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact me or walk by the rooms, as I am always open to questions! Moreover, visit our website for more information!

Thank you.

Tom Greenhead