For more than 6 months now I have been the Secretary of Asset | International Business & Management. During this year I have learned a lot, in this blog I will tell you more about what this function entails and also my personal experiences.

About me
Let’s start with introducing myself, my name is Manon Verberne and I am 21 years old. I grew up in a village called Horst, which is in Limburg. After high school in I went to Tilburg University to study International Business Administration (IBA). During my second year of IBA, I became active at Asset | International Business & Management and my football association.  Two complete different associations were I learned a lot. In my third year I went on exchange to Bangkok, but when I came back to the Netherlands I wanted to do another committee at IB&M since I really liked my previous experiences at IB&M. There are always people with whom you could talk and an open atmosphere, I learned a lot from my committee work and I liked the events they organized, both formal and informal.

Why a board year?

After my exchange, I also started thinking about what to do after my bachelor. I did not know what master to choose, which is why I started looking into all the possibilities and talked with my predecessor about doing a board year. My study was very focused on theory and I wanted to gain more practical experiences which is why I choose for a board year. Next to that, some of my personal skills like leadership and self-confidence could be improved in a board year.

Why Secretary?
As a secretary, you do not only have to make minutes, respond
to the incoming DSC_0932 (2)mail and coordinate committees, there are many other tasks and skills you can learn. As the secretary you are also responsible for the website, you make sure it is up to date and you add new events and committees. In my board year, we even got a new website, which I was allowed to help designing together with my fellow Webmasters. Next to that, there are different portfolios and committees we divide over the board members. I was responsible for the exchange project, study support, pass mentoring, lecture talk  schedule, internationalization, and five committees. As you can see, there are many portfolios were I was responsible for, this is because the secretary usually has more free time to work on his/her own projects. Next to the tasks at IB&M, I represent our department in the biweekly meeting with all the secretaries of other departments. Together with the other secretaries, we make sure the database of Asset is up to date and we send the monthly mail to every member.

Key skills that I have learned/improved
– Planning
– Teamwork
– Coordinating and motivating people
– Writing skills
– Organizing big events
– Leading

However, there will be a time for me to say goodbye and pass my function to someone else. So far, I have had a wonderful time together with my board members and all our active members!

If you are interested in being the Secretary of the board, or about a board year in general, do not hesitate to contact me or my fellow board members. We are very willing to answer all your questions over a cup of coffee or just come by our rooms! On our website, you can find more information and the procedure to apply for a board year.

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