For the past few months, I have been the treasurer of the board at Asset | International Business & Management. In this blog article I will explain more about my experiences as a treasurer.

With the end of my bachelor program approaching, it was time for me to plan ahead and decide what I wanted to do the year after. After coming back from exchange where my studies took a more practical turn, I found out that I wanted to develop myself more in terms of practical experience. Because of this, I applied for a board year at Asset | IB&M, the association where I had been an active member for the past several years and where I have always felt at home.

One of the first challenges after my announcement as candidate treasurer was to develop the budget for the upcoming year. This implied that over the course of the summer, it was my responsibility to make careful estimations of expected income and expenses. Since a lot of factors that are influencing the budget are still unknown or uncertain at that time, it is a very precise and careful job. However, it also provides an outlook into all the wonderful activities that we will organise that year.

Throughout the year, it is the task of the treasurer to see whether the association delivers on its budget. Since the association is run by and for our members, it is not allowed to make a profit and because we do not want to make a loss either, the treasurer has to keep track of the budget and realisation in a precise manner. Keeping oversight over all the activities that we organise and the financial implications these have can be quite demanding. However, it is even more rewarding as it shows me all the wonderful initiatives that our association, committees and members take.

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As treasurer, it is my task to handle all the incoming and outgoing invoices. In addition to this, it is vital that the treasurer regularly checks the budget and realisations of the committees and see whether they are still performing according to their budget. Since we currently have 26 committees, keeping an overview of all the committees can be challenging at times but it is definitely a great insight in all the wonderful events that we as an association organise.

As regards to committees, it is not only my duty to regularly check their financial affairs. I also coordinate five committees which perform a broad spectrum of activities. Some of my committees organise informal events, whereas others organise a formal event or a study trip. Through my function of coordinator of these committees, I got to be part of the organisation of wonderful events.

My responsibilities as treasurer do not stop short of Asset | IB&M only. As treasurer of one of Asset’s departments, I am also the representative of IB&M in the Treasurer’s Meeting of Asset Tilburg, where we discuss the financial affairs of our faculty association. Last year, my responsibilities at Asset Tilburg were to check the finances of the Asset Lustrum, as well as handling the incoming invoices.

What drives our association and also me personally as a treasurer are all our active members. Currently, we have more than 150 active members who all strive to make our association even better every time they enter our rooms or show up to one of our events. It is not only very nice to see that a lot of members attend our events, but it is even more rewarding to see that so many people are enjoying themselves at our association.

I would conclude by saying that doing a board year at Asset | International Business & Management has enriched my life in various ways. Being part of the organisation of our events will provide you with skills that are very valuable now and later. Coordinating a committee will improve your teamwork and leadership skills.

If you are interested in a board year at Asset | International Business & Management, do not hesitate to contact me via or drop by room E114 for a cup of coffee!

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