Treasurer of the Board 2017-2018: My experiences

Treasurer of the Board 2017-2018: My experiences

From September 2017 onwards I have been the Treasurer of Asset | International Business and Management. In this blog I will tell you more about what this function entails, my experiences at IB&M and why you should definitely consider doing a board year.

First, I will briefly introduce myself. My name is Jet Janssen and I am 21 years old. I finished my bachelor International Business Administration last June. Next year I will start my masters in Supply Chain Management.  I joined IB&M in the second semester of my first year. From the very first day I felt really welcome and liked the environment at the rooms.

After I came back from my exchange in Sweden I had no idea which master I wanted to do. Moreover, I was not really motivated to study and wanted to gain some practical experiences. So, I decided to apply for a board year at Asset | IB&M.

Luckily, I was accepted as the new treasurer for 2017-2018. During the summer you and your fellow boardies start writing a new policy and dividing committees. As a treasurer you will have to set the budget for upcoming year. This is quite difficult as it is hard to make a prediction of all the incomes and expenses of a whole year. Throughout the year you will not only have to keep track of the budget to make sure we are not making any losses, but also to see if we are not making any profit, since we are an association we are not allowed to make any profit.

In order to keep track of the budget I am responsible for all the in-and-outgoing invoices and I keep track of the budget of all the committees. Moreover, I am checked every quarter by my three predecessors in the Audit of Accounts. During the Audit of Accounts they will check my financial statements to see if there are no mistakes.

Besides my responsibilities as treasurer of IB&M, I also have some responsibilities in the bookkeeping of Asset Tilburg. I am the representative of IB&M in the Treasurers Meeting, where we decide upon the financial matters of Asset Tilburg, and I am responsible for the incoming invoices of Asset Tilburg.

Besides all my tasks as treasurer, I am also the coordinator of six committees. Coordinating committees will teach you a lot about teamwork and motivating people. I like that I have six very different committees ranging from very informal to formal, bachelor to master events and a study trip. In this way I got to organise and experience all different kind of amazing events.

One of the best parts of doing a board year at Asset | IB&M are the members. We have more than 150 active members who drop by our rooms regularly. This makes being at the rooms very fun. It is also nice to see so many of them present at our parties and events and that they have become one big group of friends.

In short: doing a board year at Asset | International Business & Management is organising a lot of great events with amazing people. In this year you will develop yourself professionally as well as personally by learning a lot about teamwork, organising events, leading committees, communication, planning, time management, social skills and many more.

If you are interested in a board year at Asset | International Business & Management do not hesitate to contact me ( for more information or drop by at E1.14 for a cup of coffee! 


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